Update November 2018

After DOK Leipzig, attended by Liselot and Daniel with good talks on future projects to work with, IDFA is coming up next.

Again, we will be there without Peter.

Following his stroke in August, he is now undergoing training at a rehabilitation centre in the hills of Vienna (see picture). The prognosis is positive.

In technical speak, his operating system is still a bit buggy but the hard drive is fully intact. A complete recovery will take time, we don’t expect Peter to be back until late spring.

Send positive thoughts and talk to either Liselot or Daniel in the meantime about ongoing or new projects.

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Daniel Saltzwedel
If you want to give God a laugh, tell her your plans

We've spent months developing Dox Consulting, a new service to the documentary industry. Peter Jaeger, the front man of our band, was going to expand his incredibly successful Jaeger Creative brand into a partnership of three. And then, just as we were about to launch into a busy fall season, Peter suffered a stroke.

His recovery is on track, the prognosis positive and his mind set to the many tasks ahead – but let’s not rush. For the time being, Liselot Verbrugge and Daniel Saltzwedel will continue the work and will acts as mediators with Peter directing from behind. So, be in touch, and – let's talk!

This fall, Dox Consulting will be present at EURODOC in Switzerland, MIA in Rome, Dok Leipzig, IDFA and more.

Looking forward to meeting you there.

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Daniel Saltzwedel